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Message from the NCFE Operating Committee Chair - Lorelle Steach (PA) - February 2019

The NCF-Envirothon Operating Committee met during the NACD winter conference in San Antonio, TX with a full agenda.   The Operating Committee is excited to welcome the new NCF-Envirothon Program Manager, Jennifer Brooks.  Jennifer brings her Envirothon experience to the table and is working to learn the different components of the international program.  She is available to answer questions from, and provide guidance to, all provincial and state representatives and Envirothon teams.

The Envirothon Operating Committee was originally set up to include 13 members.  Currently there are three vacancies for which the National Conservation Foundation (NCF) will seek nominations.  The vacancies include: U.S. West Region (one representative), Canada Region (one representative), and one at-large representative.

We met with Dave Vogel who is seeking statistics from provinces and states that are collaborating with Tribal and First Nation groups.  He is also asking for ideas to encourage participation of Tribal and First Nation students. 

The NCFE Program Policies were discussed.  Over the next few months you will see a few changes that will include handling fees in certain situations and organizational ownership obligations.

The Hall of Fame committee is pleased to award now two categories.  One category will recognize NCF-Envirothon representatives.  The second category will recognize Envirothon teachers, alumni, and coaches.  A new set of guidelines is currently being developed and will be released in a few months.

With the 2019 event quickly approaching, you will begin to see current competition details posted to the newly updated NCFE web site.   North Carolina is busy preparing for the 2019 International Competition and is anticipating 50+ teams to compete.  For the first time, teams will have the opportunity to deliver their oral presentation using one of two methods, either PowerPoint or the traditional paper and pencil method.  We are eager to see the Envirothon move towards the use of technology in this part of the competition.   Registration for volunteers and teams will go live very soon. 

In looking to the future, the Program Manager and Operating Committee are offering assistance and guidance to future hosts of the NCF-Envirothon, which include: Nebraska – 2020; New Brunswick –2021 (tentative); and Ohio – 2022. 

The National Conservation Foundation and the NCF-Envirothon Operating Committee are committed to the Envirothon program, and we continue to need you! 


 Lorelle Steach, NCF Envirothon Chair

Accept the Natural Challenge!


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