Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure

Each year, extensive organization and planning is required at all levels to ensure the success of the Envirothon . All organizational levels of the Envirothon program must work together to promote the program, raise funds to cover program expenses, organize and conduct Envirothon competitions, and recruit advisors and teams to participate in the program.


Roles and Responsibilities

NCF-Envirothon Operating Committee (NCFEOC) is made up  11-13 members.  The  NCFEOC will have two members from each of the five Envirothon regions (10) and ( 1-3)  at large. The purpose of the Operating Committee is to:
  •  provide recommendations to the NCF- Executive  as requested;
  •  assist the host state/province in promoting, organizing and conducting the Envirothon international competition;
  •  encourage the recruitment of teams and the development of state, provincial, local/regional programs and competitions; 
  •  seek new activities and educational materials for training advisors and teams; and
  •  develop rules and policies for conducting the program.
The Envirothon program is structured to allow individual states/provinces maximum flexibility to individualize their program. The State/Provincial Envirothon Committee acts as the voting body for the state/provincial Envirothon program and establishes the policies and administrative structure. Some of the committee's responsibilities include:
  • Promoting, organizing, and conducting the state/provincial Envirothon;
  • Encouraging the recruitment of teams and the development of local/regional competitions;
  • Seeking new activities and educational materials for training volunteer advisors and teams; and
  • Raising the funds necessary to cover program expenses.
State/Province Envirothon Representatives are primarily concerned with the planning, organization, and promotion of Envirothon competitions at the local/regional level. The committee works closely with local conservation district and resource associations to accomplish the objectives of the Envirothon program.
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